Discover Gold with Keen IO and Popily

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Have you ever been collecting a lot of awesome data, but you felt like it was a vast jungle of hidden gems and had no idea where to start exploring it? Popily + Keen IO are here to help.

Popily can instantly provide you tons of charts — you can pick out your favorites or ones that help you dig deeper into your data. Popily can impress your boss, team, customers, cats, and dogs. You can import data from anywhere into Popily — CSVs, databases, and more. With Keen IO, we’ve got you covered. No fancy data ninja skills are needed to import your event data from Keen IO into Popily. It’s as easy as three steps.

Find the gold in your data

Discover mind-blowing, meaningful insights in Popily. You can easily extract different data sources from Keen and other sources and merge them in Popily to get a better view into your data. Sometimes you won’t find what you are looking for right away — exploring Popily’s charts can help you dig deeper in your Keen IO data!


Share the gold you discover

When you find something interesting, Popily makes it super easy to communicate in a meaningful way. You can export their charts as images into PowerPoint, Excel, or embed them with a few lines of code. You can even embed them alongside your Keen IO data visualizations.

Need direct API access?

We’ve got you taken care of! You can build your own data collection and exploration engine with API access to both Keen IO and Popily. Collect and store data from users, websites, apps, and smart devices with the Keen IO API and SDKs, and then explore and visualize that data with Popily. You can see more about the Popily API on their blog and API Documentation.

Don’t miss out on loading your Keen IO data into your free Popily account today! Also, check out how exactly the Popily team sent UFO sighting data from Keen IO to Popily for a bunch of instant charts in their latest blog post.


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