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Custom Cohort Analysis is now Open Source

Build your own cohort analysis tools, with total control over the logic, look, and feel

Today we’re releasing a new open source tool for cohort analysis. Cohort analysis is incredibly valuable when you’re trying to understand retention and patterns of behavior over time. If you’re not familiar with retention analysis by cohort, you can read more about the fundamental concepts here.

Outside of the obvious community benefits of open source contributions, there are a few reasons we wanted to share this simple tool:

  1. Easier cohort and retention analysis on Keen IO data You’ve always been able to run retention analysis on Keen data, but this is the first time we’ve released a tool for visualizing the results.
  2. Open source analytics building blocks Keen IO’sanalytics building blocks enable super custom, powerful analysis. Looking at the source code, you can see how in looping over a simple funnel analysis you can build this detailed behavior view. What else could you build with these powerful primitives?
  3. Give developers totally customized cohort analyses based on their business If you’ve ever been frustrated that the retention views in your analytics tools don’t quite match how your business works, or didn’t quite display the information in a way that made sense to you, now you have something to fork and make your own. As with most things we build here at Keen IO, you could even white label something like this in your product.

To start running your own cohort analysis you can request a demo and fork our open source repo. We hope you’ll find this useful, and share your feedback in the Keen IO community slack.

Happy coding.