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Keen + Chargify = Changing The Landscape of Billing One Event at a Time

I am writing to announce some exciting news — Keen has been acquired by Chargify!

This journey started last year when Chargify’s CEO, Paul Lynch, came to us with the bold idea that the future of billing is event-based, and in order for Chargify to get ahead of the trend, they would need a way to manage streams of data in real-time and turn them into billable events.

We were very familiar with Chargify given we have been each other’s customers and we share investors as part of the Scaleworks portfolio. So to explore this bold idea as partners, we kicked off a stealth-mode initiative a few months ago to build a brand new product together.

You can read about our brand new Events-Based Billing product, which we launched together today in our blog.


Nothing changes for you as a customer. We’ll still be providing the best customer-facing metrics for B2B/SaaS companies in the world…but now we’ll also be developing new ways for you to leverage the massive amounts of data you’re already collecting and analyzing as a business. Event data has always been core to what we do, and our merge with Chargify will unlock even more ways for you to use event data to enhance your business.

As part of the transition, I decided to step away from Keen and hand over the reins to Laith Dahiyat, who has served as Chargify’s VP of Special Projects and will now move into the role of General Manager.

Our customers are in great hands with Chargify, Paul, and Laith, and I couldn’t think of a more exciting outlook for Keen. Here’s to our next chapter and a bright future ahead!

– Ben