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Announcing Keen Dashboards

We have some big news to share today!

We’re excited to announce Dashboards Beta release, a brand new tool that gives anyone the power to create custom dashboards in just a few clicks (or taps!)

0_irTYI_7wgPCTV_ai.pngExample of a custom product metrics dashboard for a customer success team

Keen Dashboards can be used to:

  • Quickly create custom dashboards with a point-and-click interface
  • Share sets of metrics around KPIs across every team, project, and department
  • Give anyone on your team from analysts, marketers, to product managers the ability to query, create, and edit their own set of metrics (no need to know SQL!)

For the past few years, we’ve focused on making it super easy for developers to explore and discover the data that matters to your business with Keen’s powerful analytics platform and API. Many of you have used our Data Exploreropen source dashboard templates and visualization libraries to create beautiful and responsive displays of your most important metrics wherever you need them.

With the release of Keen Dashboards, we’ve combined the power and flexibility of a fully custom analytics solution with a simple interface for exploring and visualizing your most critical data. Now anyone across your organization can create and share dashboards, eliminating bottlenecks and making it easier than ever to follow the metrics that matter to you and your team.

How does it work?


  1. Log in to your Keen IO account and save a few of your favorite queries!
  2. Click on the “Dashboards” tab
  3. Click the “Edit” button to activate the Editor
  4. Add rows and configure each row’s tile layout
  5. Select a saved query for each tile
  6. Save and close the Editor to see your awesome new dashboard!


Ready to create yourself a beautiful, custom dashboard unique to your business? Log-in or request a demo of Keen today and start putting your most important business metrics in one place!

ps. Want to help us design and build awesome tools for our customers like Keen Dashboards and Data Explorer? Join us!