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Keen IO was born in 2012. From my perspective (call me a youngster), it seems as though we’ve kinda grown up with the Internet of Things (IoT), maturing through our toddler years and into mutual adolescence — I think that’s what four real-life years equates to in “startup years” …?

But did you know that “IoT” has been a thing since 1999? Yep, back when RFID was an emerging technology considered to be a prerequisite for the Internet of Things as we know it today…


All this fun and interesting history has led us to exciting times in 2015. And it has us especially stoked for our new partnership with SMARTRAC — the leading, global company in the (still emerging) field of RFID technology — as part of their SMART COSMOS program. This platform aims to bring together “system integrators, app developers and, users of RFID and NFC technologies” in a tight-knit, collaborative ecosystem.

But wait, there’s more!

The fine folks at SMARTRAC have also launched a few other bits of fun, by which we think our community may be intrigued:

  1. Lessons — “an educational training portal” for those interested in learning the technical aspects of a connected RFID-centric IoT ecosystem
  2. coding competition for software developers — read all about it! They are awarding various prizes that add up to lots of $$. And, in case our fellow data dorks were wondering, yes, there is a prize category ($5k USD) for the Best Analytics Integration =)

IoTo the MAX

If this kinda stuff floats your boat, puts wind in your sails, greases your gears, etc, then we (you and Keen, that is) should be besties (if we’re not already) — cus who doesn’t LOVE hacking hardware and building IoT analytics TOGETHER?!

To be continued…

And if you find yourself on the fence, wondering if your curiosity in IoT could amount to fame and glory, just ask one of your fellow community members, Alex Swan, how it felt to be featured in the WSJ thanks to his work building an analytics/fitness tracker for his pet hamster, Jessica.

If you’re as excited as we are about being part of the promising future of IoT, grab a free Keen IO account today and start hacking. And never hesitate to reach out to us for help and/or to share your amazing creations!


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