4 DataEngConf Talks We’re Most Excited About

DataEngConf SF is around the corner and we can’t wait! The Data Engineering and Data Science communities have really been taking off over the last few years as companies look to build self-serve data tools and extract real-time insights from the massive amount of data at their fingertips.

Here are 4 of the talks we’re really excited about:

  • Bridging the Gap Between Data Engineering and Data Science — Josh Wills, Director of Data Engineering, Slack

We’re excited to hear Josh talk about these important and interdependent functions. There is still a great deal of misunderstanding about the boundaries between the roles and the different constraints that each is operating under.

  • Beginning with Ourselves: Using Data Science to Improve Diversity at Airbnb — Elena Grewal, Data Science Manager, Airbnb


Airbnb used data to change the composition of their team from 15% women to 30%, all while maintaining high employee satisfaction scores across the team. Diversity and inclusivity is important to us at Keen, and we’re thrilled to see a company like Airbnb leading the charge in using data for good.

  • Running Thousands of Ride Simulations at Scale — Saurabh Bajaj, Tech Lead, Data Platform, Lyft

How does Lyft power features like Lyft Line and driver dispatch so effortlessly? Luckily, Lyft has tons of data they can rely on to run simulations at scale to ensure the rider has a seamless experience every time.

  • Unifying Real-Time and Historical Analytics at Scale Using the Lambda Architecture — Peter Nachbaur, Platform Architect, Keen IO


We’re excited that Peter will be talking about how we’ve scaled our analytics platform at Keen to process trillions of events per day for thousands of customers. He’ll share how we’ve evolved our custom query engine to unify real-time and historical analytics at scale using Cassandra, Apache Storm, and the Lambda Architecture.

You can check out check out all of the talks here.

If you want to hang out at DataEngConf with us, you can register for 20% offwith the code “KEEN20X”. Hope to see you there!