2015: A Data Odyssey

Happy 2016! We wanted to start this year off by saying THANK YOU for being a Keen IO user and community member. We also wanted to highlight some of the things we accomplished as a company and a community in 2015, and give you a sneak peek into what lies ahead for 2016.


New ways to explore your data

We focused on making the power of our analytics API more accessible in 2015 by investing heavily in the Data Explorer — our point-and-click tool for querying and visualizing event data. We Open Sourced all of it so you can embed it into your workflow or share it as a tool with your users. We also added the ability to build custom funnels to the Explorer so you can track user drop-offs, conversions, and more.


Faster and better

So many of you are embedding analytics into your product to share with end users or delivering analytics to teams so they can make day-to-day decisions with data. We added query caching and saved queries to make results and dashboards available faster than ever. We also DOUBLED our query speed and made these performance stats visible to everyone. zooom.


Keen Pro aka the “Best Friends” Plan

We launched Keen Pro — a plan to help enterprises and companies use data as a competitive advantage. We’ve partnered with some awesome companies so far! Keen Pro is really more of a “best friends” plan, because we get to work with these customers super closely. Here are some of the perks:

Dashboard Caching: Load dashboards within sub-seconds every time, even if you have billions of events, multiple queries, or thousands of concurrent users looking at metrics.
Raw Data Access: Pipe your data to AWS for ultimate flexibility: run SQL queries, custom MapReduce jobs, and more. And permanently backup and enrich your data in real time to a system you control.
User Project Creation API: Programmatically create Keen projects and manage users to deliver white-label and embedded analytics at any scale.
Dedicated Data Engineer: Get expert assistance on metrics selection, data modeling, implementation, and ongoing optimization, with a single point of contact who knows the ins and outs of your business.

Your stories of data exploration and discovery

We grew our community a lot this year and we’re super excited to have new faces on board as employees, customers, and community members! Many of you shared your stories of data exploration and discoveryprojects you built(including a hamster tracker that was featured in the Wall Street Journal!), and lessons you’ve learned. We also launched and grew our community Slack chat to 800+ people in 2015. THANK YOU! Have an analytics project or use-case you want us to feature? Let us know.


An embedded customer dashboard by Bluecore


EMC {code} community dashboard

Culture and People

We care a lot about personal development at Keen IO, so much so that we “open sourced” many of our Learning Labs to the entire community! We hosted two learning labs on Effective Communication, and will be offering our Emotional Intelligence Learning Lab in 2016. We also kicked-off our coaching program, in which over 90% of Keen employees are involved!

Interested in personal development and effective leadership?


Request an invite to our next Learning Lab!There’s a lot more, but these are some of the highlights we’re most proud of.

We’re excited to continue helping you, your teams, and your customers make exciting discoveries with data in 2016!

If you have any ideas or things you’d like to see, let us know or ping us on Slack.

Happy Exploring!