About Keen

Our mission is to enable a data-rich user experience to every product on earth.

Keen is a software company that builds tools and infrastructure to help developers deliver in-product analytics to their customers. SaaS businesses of every size — from startups to Fortune 500 — use our platform to flexibly and seamlessly integrate data into their product experience.

Data is everywhere these days. In fact, 90% of the world’s data was created in the last two years. Your company’s data potential is at an all-time high as well. You know what you want to record and convey to your customers. But, in practice, the implementation to capture, analyze, and present this data is not a solved problem. Fortunately at Keen, we love data - and we’re experts at helping our users collect, store, query and present customer-facing analytics.

Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas
Based in San Antonio and Krakow, our team is dedicated to helping you reach Keen-vana (read: a transcendent state where all of your customer-facing data dreams come true).
Meet the Keen Team
We’re here to make your analytics voyage remarkable. As a group of experienced engineers, we know how it can be appealing to go out and build everything ourselves. But, we also recognize how the right building blocks give us high velocity, flexibility, and low overhead. At Keen, we strive to help you gain exactly the same advantages and focus on what you do best.

Aaron Ballensky

Customer Success Engineer

Piotr Buchman

Lead Software Engineer

Jorge Cano

Solutions Engineer

Teresa Day

VP of Growth

Alejandra Gomez-Vazquez

Customer Marketing Manager

Florian Hines

VP of Product Engineering

Adam Kasprowicz

Lead JavaScript Developer

Ben Kuhn


Dariusz Lacheta

Frontend JavaScript Developer

Joe Massengill

Senior Digital Marketing Manager

Wiktor Olko

Senior Java Developer

Aleksander Papiez

VP of Engineering

Sarah Pham

Customer Success Engineer

Artur Pryka

Frontend JavaScript Developer

Christopher Schneider

Customer Success

Filip Szarek

Junior Back-End Developer

Marcin Walczyk

Senior Infrastructure Engineer

Blake Wines

Customer Success Account Manager
Let's build something great.