Keen Team

We’re here to make your analytics voyage remarkable. As a group of experienced engineers, we know how it can be appealing to go out and build everything ourselves. But, we also recognize how the right building blocks give us high velocity, flexibility, and low overhead. At Keen, we strive to help you gain exactly the same advantages and focus on what you do best.

Meet our people

Aaron Ballensky

Customer Success Engineer

Jay Bridges

Sr Director of Growth

Piotr Buchman

Senior Software Engineer

Emily Elliott

Marketing Analyst

Matt Greener

VP of Marketing

Florian Hines

VP of Product Engineering

Adam Kasprowicz

Lead JavaScript Developer

Ben Kuhn


Kevin Litwack

Chief Platform Architect

Wiktor Olko

Senior Java Developer

Aleksander Papiez

VP of Engineering

Sarah Pham

Customer Success Engineer

Filip Szarek

Junior Back-End Developer

Blake Wines

Customer Success Account Manager