Publisher Analytics

Show brands how your content rises above the rest.

Publisher Analytics
for Sponsored Content

Publishers are generating over 60% of their advertising revenue from sponsored content. Quantify the impact of content and native ads like never before.

  • Know everything

    Understand audiences, inventory, and brand performance. From your sales team to your newsroom, everyone is more successful when you understand what’s driving value for your clients.

  • Sell more sponsored content

    Highlight the unique value of your inventory and your audiences.

  • Show true engagement

    Go beyond views. With modern analytics tools, you can track any type of web or mobile engagement with your content, whether it’s an article, a video, a survey, an app, or something totally new...

  • Optimize your inventory

    Measure inventory performance and continuously improve. Increase brand awareness and direct response for your brands.

Since Keen has mastered the heavy lifts of data collection, analysis, and querying, we can focus on creating the best-looking news site in the world.

Marcus Moretti
Director of Growth & Editorial Products,

Publisher Analytics
for Reader Engagement

Define exactly how you measure your unique reader experience. Keen offers an unopinionated platform so you can focus on the metrics unique to you.

  • Deliver the best reader experience

    Learn who your visitors are and how, when, and what they read and share.

  • Supercharge your editorial team

    Devour insights on content that actually performs. Go beyond pageviews to measure time spent, scroll depth, and number of articles read.

  • Amplify distribution

    Understand your reach across all platforms and what makes a reader more likely to share.

Why do successful
companies build on Keen?

Customizable & Flexible

Unparalleled ability to tailor our solution to your unique brand and emerging media formats, with world-class developer experience.

Reliable & Trusted

Customers in every industry use Keen to query trillions of data points every day. With SLA guaranteed uptime, reliability is our top priority.

Scalable & Secure

Keen’s Publisher Analytics is the only solution that allows you to deploy full data access & secure data views to each of your clients.

Show brands how your
content rises above the rest.