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Track Game Events As They Happen

Analyze and store data on user behavior as they play, from any platform or device. Track key metrics like downloads, sessions, and daily active users.

Understand Your Customers

Find trends in adoption and usage, identify key player segments, and examine their in-game behavior.

Improve Engagement and Retention

Find out what keeps players interested, track their performance in each game, and identify the best times to send them messages or push notifications.

Monetize Your User Base

Track players’ lifetime value and find out which in-game offers have the highest conversion rates.

“By tracking playtime, achievements, and key usage, Keen helps us (and our partners) learn what players are doing, how they’re learning or progressing, their retention, their engagement. Keen is the backbone for our metrics. It helps us go deeper.”

Alex Jaffe
Data Scientist and Technical Game Designer, Kongregate

Using Keen for Gaming Analytics

Real-Time Events Streams from Any Source

Collect data on user activity as they find, download, and play your games. Store it in Keen’s robust analytics backend and stream raw data to additional systems.

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Rich Data for Sophisticated Segmentation

Describe events using up to 1000 unique properties, like level, score, map, location, gender, or experience. You can also automatically enhance incoming data with location and device information.

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Flexible, Programmatic Querying

Query dynamic user data with Keen’s APIs to make important decisions based on gaming analytics.

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Full Control Over Access and Security

Use roles-based permissions to easily manage team access and safely surface player data in gaming profiles or storylines.

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Empower Your Internal Teams With Data

With Keen, you can allow marketing, product, and customer service teams to view user analytics with simple dashboards and filters. Make every decision fully informed by rich data on user behavior and device performance.

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Embed Analytics In Your Gaming Platform

Build out and extend the functionality of your core product by using Keen’s API platform for embedded analytics. Show your partners metrics about their game and advertising metrics and key usage stats.

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