Embedded Analytics

Build & ship premium analytics features
for your customers in record time.


Capture data on your customer’s business that no one else can.


Hook your users with in-app reporting that speaks directly to them.


Drive more sales by selling analytics as a premium feature in your product.

Introducing Embedded Analytics.

Embedded Analytics is a suite of tools for white-labeling analytics in your product. Keen powers the backend analytics infrastructure so that you provide your users a truly new and custom analytics experience.

  • 3D Warehouse uses Embedded Analytics to sell premium analytics to designers and architects, right in their app.

  • Pixlee helps huge brands like Marriott and Levis curate & display beautiful instagram photos from their biggest fans. They use Embedded Analytics to show increased shopping cart conversion.

  • Mic delivers news all over the world. They use Embedded Analytics to put real-time data directly into the workflow of their editorial teams.

  • Bluecore helps brands like Tommy Hilfiger understand and segment their customers with marketing analytics products powered by Embedded Analytics.

  • Triptease boosts bookings for hoteliers like Loews and The Address Hotels. They use Embedded Analytics in their app to prove ROI in real time.

With Keen’s Embedded Analytics, our customers can see their data and say, ‘Wow, this is actually working.’ It builds trust with our customers and really sets us apart from competitors.

Jeff Chen
Co-founder and Director of Engineering, Pixlee

Total Control.

Build a cohesive, end-to-end customer
experience that is truly native to your product.

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  • Make it your own

    Control the look and feel of your reporting with absolute precision. Use Keen’s charting library to draw beautiful, responsive charts and tables natively in your app.

  • Wow your customers

    Deliver a first-class analytics experience and even give your users the ability to query and download raw data directly from your app.

  • White-label away

    Embedded Analytics is the only solution that offers true end-to-end white-labeling, all the way down to masking the API URL where you send and query data.

Reliable & Trusted

Customers in every industry use Keen to query trillions of data points every day. With a guaranteed uptime, reliability is our top priority.

Scalable & Secure

Embedded Analytics is the only solution that allows you to programmatically deploy analytics to thousands of customers, each with their own secure access controls.

Smarter & Faster

Build analytics products in weeks not months, without having to staff up a 24/7 data engineering team.

Let's make something great.