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Capitalize on millions of consumer interactions with analytics on product engagement, buying behavior, and retention.

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Increase Conversions in Every Channel

Track and analyze data from any site or application and use it to optimize conversion rates across every campaign and engagement channel.

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Sell More to Your Customers

Identify top-performing products. Deliver highly personalized experiences that boost revenue. Use Keen to build powerful recommendation engines, identify upsell opportunities, and launch retargeting campaigns.

Monetize Buying Behavior

Use the behavioral patterns of your customers to understand what makes them buy. Keep shoppers engaged, reduce and recover abandoned transactions, and share your learnings with partners or advertisers.

Amplify Your Brand’s Reach

Find your biggest advocates, learn what makes them share your brand with friends and social followers, and thank them with special offers and promotions.

“For each one of our marketing emails, we can see how many were sent, what are the opens, clicks, and total e-commerce revenue driven per email.”

Mahmoud Arram
Co-founder and CTO, Bluecore

Using Keen for Ecommerce

Real-Time Event Streams from Any Source

Gather data on every important interaction, send it to external apps, and store it in Keen’s robust analytics backend without having to ever manage infrastructure.

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Enriched Data for Sophisticated Targeting

Automatically enhance customer data with location, device, and environmental information to personalize the buying experience and make intelligent product recommendations.

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Powerful Analytics Automation

Use Keen’s Compute API to build core analytics functionality and programmatic querying into your product.

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Full Control Over Access and Security

Share analytics with your internal team members and share dashboards with brands selling on your platform without compromising privacy or security.

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Empower Your Internal Teams With Data

With Keen, you can allow marketing, buying, merchandising, and customer service teams to view user analytics with simple dashboards and filters. Make every decision fully informed by rich data on buying behavior and customer preferences.

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Embed Analytics In Your Ecommerce Platform

Build out and extend the functionality of your core product by using Keen’s API platform for analytics. Show customers exactly how their brand is performing and where to improve.

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