Customer Health Scores

Your business is unique.
Why isn’t your customer health score?

Build custom health scores to monitor your customers’ health, reduce churn and identify the fastest path to account growth.

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Understand your customers at scale and over time

Empower your customer success team with granular intelligence on adoption and engagement, identify and prioritize at-risk accounts, and increase revenue streams from existing customers.

Customize health scores to fit your business

Move beyond vendor-defined health scores and build a model that’s relevant to your product or platform. Define the right metrics and create a score that matters to you.

Embed health scores throughout your workflows

Empower your entire organization with customer health data. Embed scores in your CMS and dashboards or integrate them into systems you already use, like Salesforce or Intercom.

Inform key stakeholders with custom alerts

Provide visibility and accountability across your organization with alerts customized to your needs. Receive emails when a customer’s score decreases by a certain percentage, or when adoption patterns fall below a certain threshold.

“With Keen we have a democracy. Now everyone on client success and integration teams can pull reports and extract data. We don’t have to have an analyst that people have to go to and ask, “Hey, can you run this query?” Everyone can do their thing without being bottle-necked.”

Mahmoud Arram
Co-founder and CTO, Bluecore

Using Keen for Customer Health

Real-Time Event Data from Any Source

Stream interactions and customer data from any device, website, or version of your app. Send it to other applications, like customer support tools or CRMs, and store it in Keen’s analytics backend.

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Rich Data on Every Interaction

Gather data on every important interaction your customers have with your product. Create custom events and automatically enrich the data with additional user and device traits.

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Powerful Analysis Capabilities

Let everyone on the customer success team explore and discover their own insights with flexible, self-service querying right in your application.

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Programmatic Security Features

Allow varied levels of access while protecting customers’ privacy with secure access controls that can be modified & revoked.

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Empower Your Customer Success Teams With Data

Take the guesswork out of scoring customer health. Identify adoption trends and keep churn low with Keen’s customer adoption trend data.

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Embed Customer Health Scores Into Your Workflow

Embed your customer health score right into your favorite tools for keeping customers happy - Slack, Intercom, you name it.

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