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Meet your new data team.

Building on our decades of combined experience, we’re proud to offer the tools, process, and expertise that will empower your team to do great things with data across every function in your organization.

Strategy Development

We’ll work with your team to define your data strategy and convert your business questions into data-driven answers.

We’ll dig in to understand your available data, the state of current systems, and your business challenges. From there, we’ll build a plan and process for addressing key questions with either existing systems or by recommended new tools, processes, and workflows to further enable your organization. You’ll come away with a thorough assessment of your situation, armed with a set of well-defined projects for winning with data.

Data Consulting

Imagine a team of data pros embedded in your organization to build systems and drive change management.

Working from your data strategy, we’ll guide the resources necessary to achieve your data-focused goals. Working from our offices or from yours, we will augment and complement your current team to deliver data projects on time and on budget, with an emphasis on harmonies and cohesive process and results.

Predictive Analytics and Data Science

Realize full value from your data through machine learning and predictive modeling.

Building on your robust data pipelines and warehouses, we’ll develop and validate cutting-edge models to make your software smarter and your systems more robust.

Pipeline and Analytics Development

Sometimes your engineers are focused on building core product and simply don’t have the bandwidth to build and maintain powerful data systems. In those cases, we offer Custom Development Services to build applications to deliver on your data strategy.

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