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From whiteboard to production, faster than ever.

Sometimes the hardest part of analytics is making your data truly useful for your users. Our Integration Services team can help you build applications with Keen that fit the exact needs of the people who view, report on, and make decisions as a result of the information you collect.

  • Decide which signals and sources to use
  • Build models that produce accurate, actionable insights
  • Customize the way users can view and query data
  • Import your historical data so you don’t lose what you have

Services Include:

  • Data model design
  • Data integration
  • Enrichment pipelines
  • Historical ingestion and transformation
  • Automated insights
  • Workflow and reporting integration across the organization
  • Dashboard and visualization design
  • Machine learning integrations
  • Custom computation and visualization requirements
  • Custom metric implementation such as virality, attribution and others

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