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Define an email campaign

Know your customers’ individual email behavior

Find out which customers are most likely to engage with your campaigns.

Build and save segments based on key individual customer attributes like geography, platform, email client, and more.

Easily compare and learn how a campaign performed across different individual attributes.

Download CSV of email addresses

Take action to drive campaign performance

Download a list of emails to see which users clicked or didn't click an email, or any user behavior across a campaign.

Retarget your most engaged users with personalized campaigns to improve your marketing metrics.

Build re-engagement campaigns for people who aren’t engaging.

Compare email campaign performance

Learn and iterate faster based on real-time results

See real-time results across your campaigns and a/b tests and make changes quickly based on email performance.

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Engage your audience with better campaigns

Build targeted campaigns based on user behavior and campaign performance. Captivate and access your audience like no one else. Provide deep insights to keep customers coming back for more.

Compare email campaign performance over time

Find your most or least engaged users. Compare campaigns over across geography, user traits, or any custom attribute. Drill in to reveal exactly what’s happening with your emails.

Completely powered by APIs

Under the hood, reporting is powered by APIs. Share and embed solutions for your own customers to see and compare the performance of campaigns, emails, and ads.

Keep your email data forever

Start collecting and storing email data for as long as you need it. Keep all of your raw email event data without losing any of your historical information.

“For each one of our marketing emails, we can see how many were sent, what are the opens, clicks, and total e-commerce revenue driven per email.”

Mahmoud Arram
Co-founder and CTO, Bluecore

Over 3,500 companies use Keen to power real-time dashboards, email reports, dynamic advertising, complex attribution, and more.

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