Build powerful analytics features directly into your tools and products.

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Build on data.

With APIs designed for software developers, you can build intelligent apps and data products that offer analytics as a core feature.

Power embedded analytics for your teams & customers.

Automate reporting and workflows.

Enhance lead scoring & customer data views with behavioral analytics data.

Use your data for programmatic decision-making.

No servers

Focus on code,
not servers.

With a highly available API, and over 15 SDKs, any developer can start building now. We’ll handle the nitty-gritty of managing a realtime big data infrastructure (think: uptime, scalability, data integrity, reliability, service level protection, backup and recovery, and security).

  • Deliver faster.
  • Lower your total cost of ownership.
  • Decrease your delivery risk.
  • Pay only for the processing you actually need.

“Without Keen, we’d have to build our own analytics infrastructure to get the insights we need. Keen was super easy to implement and helped us boost views of our highest-impact content by 133%.”

Alberto Naranjo
Platforms Manager, Al Jazeera


Keen’s Compute API is a set of building blocks developers use to build powerful analytics products and automation.

An intuitive REST API.

Keen Compute offers core analytics functions like count_unique, min/max, median, average, segmentation, advanced filtering, and funnels. A fleet of SDKs make it easy to query analytics data from anywhere in your stack.

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  var medianPriceTrendByVenue = new Keen.Query("median", {
    event_collection: "purchases",
    target_property: "price",
    timeframe: "previous_6_months",
    interval: "daily",
    group_by: "",
    filters: [
        property_name: "",
        operator: "eq",
        property_value: "San Francisco"
Available in less than 1 min

Fast data availability

Keen Compute works seamlessly with Keen Streams. Each event recorded is available for querying within seconds of occurrence.

200ms Max Response time

Sub-second response times

Advanced query-caching functionality with consistent sub-second response times.

CSV + JSON download

Full resolution queries & raw data download.

Keen stores your data in full resolution and offers powerful querying and precise filtering. In a simple API request, you can even run full resolution extractions on precise segments of your data, and output to JSON or CSV format.

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pretty charts

Build highly interactive visualization and charting.

Keen Compute is designed to be compatible with any visualization, charting, or dashboarding library like Highcharts, D3, C3, Google Charts, and Chart.js.

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