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Embedded Analytics Use Case Examples

Make your value visible - Surface important events and weave analytics directly into
your products. Anything that’s countable can be Keen.

Highlight unused features use case Keen

Highlight unused features

Show your users the value they can receive from features that they are not currently using.

Benchmarking use case Keen

Benchmarking vs entire user base

Enable your users to evaluate results, compare with others, and adapt best practices to improve performance.

Usage alerts use case Keen

Usage alerts

Keep your users informed while using your application.

Provide a positive experience by giving them insight into usage levels and the control to set personalized notifications.

E-Commerce conversion funnels use case Keen

E-Commerce conversion funnels

Provide answers to user questions like, “What’s my conversion?”, “What’s my average order value (AOV)?”, and “How much am I selling at any given time?”

Measure conversions and show step by step how your product helps increase sales

Campaign performance tracking use case Keen

Campaign performance tracking

Create robust campaign analytics for your users to track key metrics such as engagement, reach, shares, conversions, revenue, and more.

A/B split testing metrics use case Keen

A/B split testing metrics

Show your users A/B test metrics so they can learn, segment, and iterate faster based on results.

Segmentation use case Keen

Smart segmentation

Give your users the ability to build and save segments based on any event attributes that you track.

Email metrics use case Keen

Email insights

Provide deep analytics on email performance. Display how many emails were sent, open-rate, clicks, open time, total e-commerce revenue driven per email, etc.

Optimal email send time use case Keen

Optimal time to send email

Show each user the best time to send email to their subscribers based on when their emails tend to get the most opens and clicks.

Compare performance over time use case Keen

Compare performance over time

Allow your users to view and compare results over time and filter across geography, user traits, or any custom property to see performance.

Over 55,000 developers use the Keen embedded analytics API to power dashboards, email reports, dynamic advertising, complex attribution, and more.

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