Flexible Analytics for Media Companies

With Keen IO, media companies can quickly build the analytics they need to increase reader engagement, drive advertising revenue, and deliver the right content to their audiences.

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Learn more from your pageviews

Go beyond generic pageview data to pinpoint which authors, topics, referrers, days, and times drive the highest engagement.

Increase ad revenue

Armed with performance data on specific categories or authors, you can sell targeted advertising packages for a premium price.

Share data with your teams

Our visualization tools and dashboard templates make it super simple to share insights with your coworkers, teams and publishers.

Start Collecting the Media Data You Need in Minutes

Sure, you can track Pageviews, Subscribes and all the stuff that you’re used to, but Keen IO offers greater flexibility in the data you collect - and how you analyze it. If there’s something you’ve always wanted to know about your users, market, or audience, we’ll help you get the answers.

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Video Plays
Geographic Info
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It’s Easy to Get Started

1. Use one of our media analytics recipes to start sending data

Our pre-defined media recipes make it super quick and easy to set up targeted tracking and collection.

2. Ask questions right away

Once you’re collecting data, our analysis APIs and exploration tools will have you answering questions instantly.

3. Visualize the data and share with your teams!

Easy to use visualization and dashboard templates let you bring insights to life and share them with your teams.

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