Windrush Integration

Tell stories with your Keen IO Data.

Windrush connects to Keen IO, allowing you to run queries on your data within the Windrush web app (using a native implementation of Keen’s open source Explorer), and visualize the results of those queries in charts, graphs, etc, alongside other media (text, images, articles, etc.).

Step 1: Connect Windrush to Keen IO

  • Create Windrush account: go to, click “Get Started,” and their team will get you set up
  • Create a new Windrush project
  • Add Keen IO as a datasource within Windrush

Step 2: Analysis and Visualization

  • Add a “data” section to your Windrush document
  • Create a query
  • Bask in the glory

Here’s a helpful video walking you through the steps: