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Announcing Hacktoberfest 2017 with Keen IO

It’s October, which you probably already know! 👻 But more importantly, that means it is time for Hacktoberfest! Keen IO is happy to announce we will


Don’t be that API

On Versioning If someone writes a line of code against your API today, it should work seamlessly and similarly in a decade. Salesforce, whose


The Unstoppable API Era

Just as organizations moved to cloud hosting & storage in mid-2000s, companies are now moving en masse to adopt cloud API platforms. This has been


The Future of History

Brahe & Kepler When people ask me why we wanted to start Keen, I tell them this story of two scientists. Tycho Brahe by Eduard Ender


Keen Instant Analytics for Web

Keen IO Instant Analytics for Web Drop in this tracking snippet to effortlessly collect key web interactions like pageviews, clicks, and form submissions Want to quickly test out Keen?


Custom Cohort Analysis is now Open Source

Build your own cohort analysis tools, with total control over the logic, look, and feel Today we’re releasing a new open source tool for cohort analysis. Cohort