Content is Community

At Keen IO, I have been tasked with community building and developer advocacy. Being a developer advocate at Keen IO requires administrating an array of


Keen is Joining the Scaleworks family

Today we’re excited to share that we’re starting a new chapter and joining the Scaleworks family. Keen set out to empower developers with a custom analytics platform


Announcing Hacktoberfest 2017 with Keen IO

It’s October, which you probably already know! 👻 But more importantly, that means it is time for Hacktoberfest! Keen IO is happy to announce we will


A new way to debug your data models

We’re excited to announce the new and improved Streams Manager for inspecting the data schema of your event collections in Keen IO. We built the


Don’t be that API

On Versioning If someone writes a line of code against your API today, it should work seamlessly and similarly in a decade. Salesforce, whose force.com


How to Build a Beautiful API Business

I’ve been studying API companies Stripe and Twilio since they hit the scene, first as an early user and customer of each. For the past


The Unstoppable API Era

Just as organizations moved to cloud hosting & storage in mid-2000s, companies are now moving en masse to adopt cloud API platforms. This has been


Platforms vs Products

Let’s talk about platforms. The word “platform” doesn’t just mean “an ambitious product” — products and platforms differ, not merely by degree, but by kind. When someone