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Today we are announcing new pricing!

Our pricing for new large-volume accounts is increasing. In the past year we’ve learned a ton about our operating costs, the price of alternatives to using Keen IO (namely building in-house), and the market value of our services. The new prices represent a sustainable business model for us while still providing a great value to our customers.

To our existing customers: you won’t be affected as long as you stay on your current plan. Let us know if you want to discuss in more detail!

Of course, we still offer our services for free for small companies and projects sending under 50k events/mo.

Perhaps the best part about the new pricing is that we cut the price of our first paid tier (up to 100k events/mo) in half (from $40 to $20). This was based on a lot of feedback from the developer community: the $20 pricing better matches what small startups are used to paying for developer tools & services.

One more thing I’d like to mention is that we are passionate about the open source community, developer tools, and projects for social good. We often offer discounts for startups and not-for-profits in these categories — talk to us!

We’re excited about all the positive feedback and are looking forward to a great year.


The Keen IO Team

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