Michelle Wetzler


Embeddable Charts in Action!

Our buddies at Kickfolio created a lovely way to run your fully native iPhone app in the browser. Their site makes it super easy for


How I integrated Keen IO and Ducksboard

Michelle here again. In my previous blog post, I described how I used Keen IO’s analysis query builder to answer questions about the health of


Spying on you guys is so much fun!

Hola. Michelle here. The past couple of weeks have been super exciting. We released a new version of our analytics API, a new UI, and


How I Negotiated my Startup Compensation

Hi, I’m Michelle. I recently left my job as a technical consulting manager and joined my best friends and my fiancé, Kyle, at Keen.io (I


We Heart Ducksboard ❤ ❤ ❤

Hi. Michelle here. I’ve been mulling over a few introductory (more difficult) blog post ideas, but decided to skip those because I’m pretty excited about