Michelle Wetzler


Build a Sales Machine from the Ground Up

We’re 6 friendly engineers and 1 designer (also friendly) drowning in sales leads. We need YOU to build the machine that turns them into uncapped


I’ll Make Your Problem My Problem

A sales person’s job is to find people that need help. They match a customer’s pain point to a solution that fixes it. An effective


Keentivate: Easy Wrapper for Keen IO JS!

The fine folks at Cultivate Studios just tweeted this AWESOME new wrapper they made for the Keen IO Javascript library. Now you can generate charts


How To Do a Retention Analysis

Let’s face it: not everyone who tries your app is going to stick around to use it again. Not all of your customers are going


Gumball Uses Keen IO for Real-Time Reporting

Today I learned about how one of new customers, Gumball, uses Keen IO to provide analytics to their customers. Here’s how their CTO, Carlos Cervantes,


How to Run a Weekly Cohort Analysis

Cohort analysis is really fun. It’s kind of like finding a treasure map about your app usage. Here’s one of the jobs I run internally,


Keen IO Announces SendGrid Integration

Today we’re happy to announce Keen IO integration with SendGrid! We’re big fans (and users) of SendGrid’s cloud-based email infrastructure. Just like Keen IO replaces