Justin Johnson


.NET Summer Hackfest Round One Recap

We kicked off the .NET Summer Hackfest with the goal of porting our existing Keen IO .NET SDK to .NET Standard 2.0, and I’m excited to say that we just about


Announcing: .NET Summer Hackfest

Keen IO is excited to be the first featured project in the first ever .NET Summer Hackfest! It’s coming up next Monday, July 24 and wraps


What’s up in OSS in 2017

We are very excited here at Keen IO to announce the fourth annual Open Source Show and Tell! The event is Friday, June 9th from 1pm to


hack.guides() Tutorial Contest!

Are you obsessed with building Dashboards? We are excited to sponsor a $500 prize for the best guide using Keen IO to power dashboards in their apps.


OSSAT Recap!

The 3rd annual Open Source Show and Tell is a wrap, and we had such a good time. We kicked off the day with Mathias wowed us


Analytics in 60 Seconds

I was talking with a co-worker, Eric, about how quickly we might be able to get totally custom analytics onto a page. He told me he


Introducing Open Source Data Explorer

We’re extremely excited to announce the new Open Source Data Explorer, a point-and-click query interface to analyze and visualize your event data. We believe everyone should


Thanks for Sharing

The latest iteration of Open Source Show & Tell is now officially a rap. Thanks to everyone who came out to show, tell, learn, helicopter high-five (more about



Keen IO is proud to partner with Rainforest QA and Segment to support the open source community by putting together the next SF Open Source Show and Tell. “What is


Introducing: Data Explorer

We’re excited to release Data Explorer, a brand new and improved version of the Keen IO workbench for querying and visualizing your data. Many of


Announcing Keen-SDK-NET

The Keen IO SDK for .NET is now live! Now .NET developers can track user engagements, errors, server interactions or any custom event type. We are very happy to