Alexandra Meyer


Photos and Videos from KeenCon 2014!

Here are all of the photos and videos from KeenCon for your viewing pleasure! You can view all of the photos on our Facebook page. Thank


Data-Informed Product Design

Rose Broome, Co-Founder and CEO of HandUp spoke at KeenCon about Data-Informed Product Design. Data is powerful, but it can also be dangerous. It’s important to consider how, when,


KeenCon 2014: John Sheehan, Runscope

John Sheehan, co-founder and CEO of Runscope spoke at KeenCon about “Unlocking the Data You Didn’t Even Know You Had”. Data is everywhere, but some of the most valuable


Using Data to Improve Built Environment

Not many people are cognizant of it, but the world of software has long taken cues from the field of architecture. Much of the vocabulary,


APIs of Things

Hugo Fiennes, CEO and Co-Founder of ElectricImp spoke at KeenCon about the APIs of Things. The Internet of Things is here, and with it comes a variety of challenges for


An Interview with Jen Carlile, Co-Founder of Flux

Jen Carlile, Co-Founder of Flux will speak at KeenCon about using data to improve the build environment. When she’s not spending her time reimagining building design for a more