Announcing: .NET Summer Hackfest

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Keen IO is excited to be the first featured project in the first ever .NET Summer Hackfest! It’s coming up next Monday, July 24 and wraps up Friday, August 4th.

.NET Summer Hackfest is a six week community run open source hackfest. Teams are get together to contribute to open source projects for a two week session. It’s an opportunity to get involved in open source.

The main project is to work together to port our .NET SDK to .NET Standard 2.0. But we will also list various SDK improvements and example code projects if porting to .NET Standard 2.0 doesn’t sound like your cup of tea. We have projects and issues outlined in our GitHub repo along with contribution guidelines and information on how to get started. There’s also a slack channel, #dotnetsummer, in our Community Slack Chat ( and we’ll be there to hang out and talk shop the whole two weeks.

Check out the .NET Foundation’s announcement about our project!

There will be a kickoff post on the July 24th, and we’ll update this post with that info.

FYI* Contributors don’t need to commit to working the whole two weeks. We are designing this to be collaborative and hope that it’s educational and useful to anyone who gets involved. Please feel free to reach out on slack or twitter (@keen_io) with questions or suggestions.

Here’s a video walking through getting started setting up your .NET dev environment and contributing to the project:

Happy Hacking.

Keen IO .NET SDK on GitHub


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