Keen Handles Every Step in the Life Cycle of Your Data from Streaming to Presentation

Stream from Anywhere

Built upon trusted Apache Kafka, we make it easier than ever for you to collect massive volumes of event data with our real-time data pipeline. Using Keen’s powerful REST API and SDKs to collect event data from anything connected to the internet.

If you’re looking to start streaming events quickly, take advantage of our Auto-Collector, or customize your streams with enrichments and transformations.

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Store Your Data Securely

Decrease your operational and delivery risk with Keen. With storage infrastructure powered by Apache Cassandra, data is totally secure through transfer through HTTPS and TLS, then stored with multi-layer AES encryption.

Once data is securely stored, utilize our Access Keys to be able to present data in arbitrary ways without having to re-architect your security or data model. Or, take advantage of Role-based Access Control (RBAC), allowing for completely customizable permission tiers, down to specific data points or queries. 

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Powerful Query and Compute Functions

Keen Compute, built via technologies like Apache Storm, DynamoDB, Redis, and AWS Lambda, was designed to be the building blocks for your data exploration.  It offers core analytics functions like count_unique, min/max, median, average, segmentation, advanced filtering, and funnels.


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Create Powerful Visualizations

Keen’s data visualization, built with React and D3, allow you to built custom dashboards to spec. Check out our data visualization docs to learn all the feature Keen’s library has to offer.

In addition to our own visualization library, Keen’s javascript SDKs are also designed to be compatible with any visualization, charting, or dashboarding library like Highcharts, D3, C3, Google Charts, and Chart.js.

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Keen Lets You Put Your Event Data to Work

Find Valuable Insights Faster

Get a true view of your product usage and interaction through event-based data. Keen makes it easy to dive into the product data you need, allowing you to identify and solve product issues faster, enhance user experiences, and ship product rollouts faster.

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Create Ultra-Personalized Metrics for Individual Users

Keen is the platform that gives you powerful in-product analytics fast with minimal development time. Your customers are expecting in-application data and reporting. Industry leaders are providing customers with relevant, easily consumable, and actionable data at a granular level. It pays off. Customer-facing metrics bring your products to the next level with acquiring, engaging, and retaining customers.

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Centralized Data for Business Operations

Offering users a way to track their customer engagement metrics doesn’t just benefit individual customers. Businesses are making this ability an essential part of their growth strategies. By collecting event-based data with the Keen platform, you’ll have access to your centralized data across your entire business stack, from CRM to ERP to BI and more.

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Leverage Events-Based Billing

Events-Based Billing lets you step beyond standard usage-based billing by leveraging the massive amounts of event data that you already collect. Backed by Keen’s full integration with Chargify, the world leader in billing and revenue management for B2B SaaS companies, you can harness the power of event data to provide ultra-personalized billing for your users.

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